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Who is this for?
Data scientists, analytics pros, business analysts, and product managers. Follow a structured method to lead teams through the data-to-decision workflow.
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What is this about?
Free tools for collaborating, discovering, debiasing, and deciding. Our tools & methods blend the data, decision, and behavioral sciences.
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Why is this valuable?
Take the lead when data teams and decision makers are solving important business problems. Guide a transparent, outcomes-focused process.
Structured method guides Data-to-Decision
First, the team identifies the questions that need to be answered. What do you intend to explain?
What data are needed to answer the questions? How will it be analyzed? Who will contribute?
What insights have been discovered, and what are your answers to the key questions? Show decision makers how a particular action is connected to an important outcome.
Expanded Board
Get free collaboration tools and expert guidance.
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Who is Ugly Research?

We’re a team with deep science, education, and business experience. With our rigorous Data Translator methodology, people can create more value faster. 
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