icon for who is a data translator
Who is this for?
Enterprise software vendors and integrators with AI, BI, or analytics products. A good fit for marketing and customer success teams.
lead the data-to-decision workflow
What is this about?
Following our structured method, we create immersive experiences that show how your technology assists people’s decision-making. We animate product adoption.
icon for why improve data translator skills
Why is this valuable?
Build trust in your algorithms. Attract customers by keeping humans in the loop. Grow customer lifetime value and retention (a/k/a make more money).
E-mail: info@uglyresearch.com Phone: +1 415.985.4479


Who is Ugly Research?

An interdisciplinary team with expertise in decision science, software, education, sales/marketing, and art. We’re obsessed with our dogs. Our leader is Tracy Allison Altman.
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