But where is the decision? Data visualizations don’t show the why and how.
data visualization of crime statistics using Tableau

Technology helps us discover meaningful patterns: Buying behavior, criminal activity, health effects. But when we succumb to pretty pictures and mindless measurement, shiny data fails to help answer important questions. Source: Tableau. This data visualization tool would be great for someone seeking crime stats – say, for law enforcement or house buying. But it doesn’t […]

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Use a Knowledge Graph to capture argumentation about health decisions.
argumentation in PepperSlice about ICER

Decision frameworks are tricky, and healthcare value assessment frameworks are no exception. While they can provide objectivity and support decision quality, they can also smother innovation and prevent some patients from receiving needed care. US pharma industry groups have reacted strongly to the framework used by ICER, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. This […]

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