Guide: Promoting Evidence-Based Insights
action->outcome in PepperSlice

Ugly Research offers a new guide, Promoting Evidence-Based Insights. Practical tips for presenting content with four essential characteristics: Top-line, evidence-based, bite-size, and reusable. Communicate quickly and powerfully by demonstrating value to decision makers. Show how A → B. So people don’t think tl;dr or MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over), be sure to emphasize insights that […]

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Build an evidence-based strategy with a Strategy Block.

A PepperSlice Strategy Block is a simple way to show how strategic outcomes map to influential factors, with supporting evidence one click away. Oftentimes people create diagrams or maps to illustrate a strategy: Typically these show primary goals, along with factors that influence the desired outcomes. In PepperSlice, you can do something similar, but with […]

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Use a Knowledge Graph to capture argumentation about health decisions.
argumentation in PepperSlice about ICER

Decision frameworks are tricky, and healthcare value assessment frameworks are no exception. While they can provide objectivity and support decision quality, they can also smother innovation and prevent some patients from receiving needed care. US pharma industry groups have reacted strongly to the framework used by ICER, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. This […]

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