How this works

Cross-functional teams collaborate on data-to-decision workflows in PepperSlice. Our guided DTD method blends data science, decision science, and behavioral science.

With its inherent transparency, DTD builds trust in people’s capabilities, conclusions, and recommendations. The guided workflow helps speed, derisk, and debias decisions. See a case study.

What is the Question?

What decision is being considered, and why? A crucial first step is clarifying key questions to be answered. Each one is explicitly captured.

Data for What?

The team identifies data sets for answering key questions, and chooses best available analytical tools and techniques. Supporting rationale is transparently provided inside the PepperSlice workflow.

Search the Knowledge Graph

Analysts search the PepperSlice Knowledge Graph for pre-existing insights and incorporate them into the workflow.

Develop Insights

Collaborators apply models and analyze data. They explain new insights and provide supporting evidence in the simple PepperSlice format.

Make Recommendations

Team leaders curate insights and recommend actions to decision makers. They display predicted outcomes explicitly, following the PepperSlice Action→Outcome format. Workflow results are exported to PowerPoint for presentation purposes.

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