Drag & Drop. Rearrange the Slices on a Board by simply dragging and dropping them into the order you want displayed. Typically, people place the evidence they want emphasized in the first (left-hand) position.

New feature drag and drop

New Board type: Weighted Evidence. When presenting Slices on a Board, now you can rank them to indicate their relative weight or importance. Decision makers will immediately see which evidence is highest priority. (Think of this as a light version of multicriteria decision analysis, where deciding factors are ranked.)

weighted board example

– To begin, set Board Type to Weighted Evidence. (Note: Board Type can be changed at any time.)

– When first added to a Weighted Evidence Board, each Slice displays “Weight%”. Click to enter a % for each Slice (0-100), making sure the Board totals 100%.

– Your Slices will display in decreasing % order.

weighted board example

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