In PepperSlice, you can browse through Slices to see people's insights, along with their supporting evidence. The Evidence Graph is another way to view this data. Shown here is the Evidence Graph for a Board about management factors influencing business growth. It's an easy way to see data relationships, with supporting evidence one click away.

Evidence graph in PepperSlice

 Slicer tip: Do you prefer a strategy map-style presentation? Use the Strategy Board type instead.

Review the evidence underlying any particular relationship by clicking on the line. This example shows how employee development has been connected with business growth.


To create an Evidence Graph:

-Select the Evidence Graph Board type for a new or existing Board. Slicer tip: Board type can be changed anytime.

-Create or locate Slices that tell the story for your Board, and pin them to it.

-The Evidence Graph will display automatically. Drag individual nodes to the desired position; the layout you specify will autosave.

Slicer tip: Node labels correspond to the 'Relationship' labels that are entered when each Slice is created. For example, the employee development Slice specifies this Relationship: employee development ➞ increase ➞ business growth, so those two factors appear as the associated node labels on the Evidence Graph.

View this example Board in PepperSlice ('Managers can influence several factors essential to growth').

Enjoy your visual search for insights and evidence.

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