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A PepperSlice Strategy Block is a simple way to show how strategic outcomes map to influential factors, with supporting evidence one click away. Oftentimes people create diagrams or maps to illustrate a strategy: Typically these show primary goals, along with factors that influence the desired outcomes. In PepperSlice, you can do something similar, but with an important distinction: The evidence establishing each relationship is rigorously identified.

Here’s how it works. As shown in the simple example above, the Strategy diagram illustrates relationships such as the connection between employee development and the goal of business growth. The various factors ultimately connect to one or more fundamental strategic objectives (business growth in this illustration).

View the evidence underlying any particular relationship by clicking on the line. This example shows how employee development is being connected to business growth. The idea is to give people a way to build an evidence-based strategy that is transparent to all stakeholders.

Steps for creating a Strategy Block:

-Select Strategy as the Block type for a new or existing Block. Label one or more of the four sections that will display on your Strategy diagram.

-Create or locate Slices that describe factors influencing your organization’s strategic outcomes. Add those Slices to your Strategy Block.

-The Strategy diagram will display automatically. Drag individual nodes to the desired position; the layout you specify will autosave.

Slicer tip: Node labels correspond to the ‘Relationship’ labels that are entered when each Slice is created. For example, the employee development Slice specifies this Relationship: employee development ➞ increase ➞ business growth, so those two factors appear as the associated node labels on the Strategy diagram.

View this example Block in PepperSlice (‘Managers can influence several factors essential to growth’).

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