It's a glorious day, because this: The Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi (@alialmossawi), a metrics engineer in San Francisco. It's fantastic. Available online now, and soon in hardback.

Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Besides the fun illustrations, you'll find serious explanations of logical fallacies, plus definitions of key terms:

"Soundness: A deductive argument is sound if it is valid and its premisses are true. If either of those conditions does not hold, then the argument is unsound. Truth is determined by looking at whether the argument's premisses and conclusions are in accordance with facts in the real world." (BTW, I did not know premise is also spelled premiss.)

Almossawi says "I have selected a small set of common errors in reasoning and visualized them using memorable illustrations that are supplemented with lots of examples. The hope is that the reader will learn from these pages some of the most common pitfalls in arguments and be able to identify and avoid them in practice."



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